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About Us

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Meet the Owners


Erin H.

My name is Erin and I am a wife to my college sweetheart and a mom of two wonderful boys.

I love to camp and travel to new exciting places, though the correct word is probably “glamp”. My family loves Disney and it’s our goal to travel to every Disney park.

While I have a degree in social work, my life took me down a different path when my oldest child was a baby. Now, I run a subscription box review website and YouTube channel. I love being able to work from home, while getting to spend time with my children.

I formed a boutique with my best friends to explore my love of fashion. One of the biggest rewards of my business is meeting so many wonderful people.

Kristi K.

Hi!!  My name is Kristi and I am one of the resident fashion gurus. A lot of you I know, but many I do not.  So here is a little bit about me.   I have been married to my husband, Mark, for almost 13 years.  We have two rambunctious boys.  Max, who is 11, and Ty who is almost nine.  All three keep me on my toes!  We have six animals, plus some fish to boot!  Yes.  Six.  Dogs - Duke, Sammie, and Vader. Cats - Calico, Mittens, and Sally.  I LOVE Disney.  Probably too much for an adult, but hey, it’s ok to be a child inside!!!

I have been a stay at home mom since August 2009.  It is so hard, but so rewarding!!  When my two bff’s asked if I wanted to join them in an online fashion boutique, of course I said yes!  I thought it would be a great way to add some value to the family since I stayed at home, would be fun, and maybe get me a few Disney dollars.  LOL.

Let’s be real.  I HATE, well, hated, shopping for clothes.  Nothing fit right, or I had to try on every size to find the right size in each item.  (Can I get an amen here ladies??) I love looking for clothes that fit right, make you feel good, and are different from anything else locally!  Also, I love a good deal, so finding great deals for great clothes is my mission!!  I love hearing how much people love their clothes and feel good in them!

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